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ILdikó Nagy is a prolific interdisciplinary artist with a distinctive, playful, and recognisable style. Her captivating work covers paintings, sculptures, furniture and accessories. She is a multifaceted artist capable of both small and large-scale projects for commissions, public spaces, festivals and home interiors.

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Over the years ILdikó has built a substantial body of original work. With five solo exhibitions in the UK and Hungary, ILdikó is now a well-established visual artist whose work excites and inspires her ever-growing art-loving audience. Her creative flare, passion for art, and her love of life clearly echo through every piece she creates.

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ILdikó's work ranges from craftwork to painting, drawings to sculpture, interior design to everyday items. She is a versatile and adaptive visual artist with a natural drive to create unusual yet familiar works of art crafted with true love and skill. So do have a browse through her shop as you're bound to find art pieces to your liking.

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