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egg chair cover


The creation of a tripedal furniture was funded by the Arts Council England. ILdiko's drag-on egg-chair was born on paper in 2021 and now it is a tangible piece. The weaving, welding and design was executed by ILdiko and completed in December 2022. This three-legged chair is for those who like stillness and day-dreaming. Please get in touch to commission the egg-chair of your dream or to purchase this chair.

The parameters of this chair: Height:151cm, oval part: f=122cm; Width: 130cm for legs, for oval part: e=122cm; Depth: 140cm with legs, oval part: 77cm.  

hanging chairs

The idea of making hanging chairs arose in 2015 and since then ILdikó has made three of them. They are designed to hang them from trees in your garden. They are perfect tools not only for swinging and spinning around but also for relaxation and meditation. Please get in touch if you would like to have one, ILdiko will create one for your needs. They are all uniquely designed and made to order.

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