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Willow Drag-on Egg Chair

Willow Drag-on Egg Chair


This three-legged egg chair is for those who like stillness, day-dreaming and meditation. There is a little mug holder for your beverages on its side. It was made out of buff willow, cane, pine wood and steel. It has been treated with linseed oil. It will be a unique and stylish piece of furniture in your garden or indoor space. This wicker chair was made by ILdiko Nagy including the weaving, welding and design. 



The parameters of this chair: 

Height: 151cm, oval part: f=122cm; 

Width: 130cm for legs, for oval part: e=122cm;

Depth: 140cm with legs, oval part: 77cm. 


Please measure your gates/doorways before your purchase!


UK mainland shipping only  (additional £100)

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