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As part of the Birmingham Festival 2022 Haymills residents created a series of woven images of different sports on the fences of George Road play area (B25 8HX) to celebrate the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 with lead artist ILdiko Nagy in collaboration with Number 11 Arts.

The work was created by local Asian women over several weeks at St Cyprians Memorial Hall and on site at the play area during June and July 2022. The participants learnt to weave with willow onto the fences and as well as creating willow spirals. They created 19 woven reliefs about the 19 types of sports that were happening at this year’s commonwealth games.

Lead artist ILdiko Nagy also created a hanging and painted kinetic piece out of willow and metal. This piece represents and connects the windmill from the past with the sustainable and renewable green energy of the future. Furthermore the artwork was painted whilst it was rotating. As the two plates move in opposite directions they create a mesmerizing optical illusion.  

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