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Suitcase Project


In March 2023 I worked with ATHAC on the suitcase project on a weekly basis for a few months at URC in Handsworth, Birmingham. We transformed two vintage suitcases. One is about a historical event that took place in Small Heath Park when Queen Victoria visited in 1887. And another one about Five Ways Roundabout in Birmingham. There was an exhibition where were 4 suitcases on display The Hive JQ

The project was tailored for the ATHAC participants some of them with neurodiverse needs. We explored paper crafts, felt-making throughout these sessions, trying to recapture historical events that might have been overlooked. 

#neurodiversity #Birmingham #send #arttherapy#recapture #communityarts 

#handsworth #fivewaysisland#suitcase #suitcaseproject #papercrafts #feltmaking

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